BGAM is a voluntary and non-profit organisation set up in 1987 with the purpose of bringing together Malaysian graduates from British educational institutions. Serving as the umbrella body of all British graduates in Malaysia, BGAM aims to promote fellowship amongst graduates by playing the role of a friendly ambassador between Malaysia and Britain.

The Management Committee has organised different activities to cater for different members’ interest as well as to promote the Association to new members. Social activities such as sports carnivals, fellowship dinners, golf tournaments, hi-tea gatherings and treasure hunts are continually being organised. BGAM has also held events such as talks by various professionals, debates with other Alumnus, participated in Education Exhibitions and a Poetry Evening. Over the last two years BGAM members have been more actively involved in events for the benefit of the less fortunate.


The Objectives
1) Promote the professional status, career development and personal prospects of members of the Association.
2) Promote co-operation and exchange of knowledge.
3) Promote consortia of various professions to perform advisory consultancy as required.
4) Contribute to the advancement of the Association in general.
5) To facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and practice by the publishing of such information as shall be of interest to fellow members, subject to the prior approval of the competent authority.
6) To render advice and assistance to fellow members in further studies, employment.
7) Liaise with universities/polytechnics and college for proposed scholarship awards.